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CastaForm is a service provider which enables you to easily create and maintain an online database for information you want to collect or want to share with the world.

For small-scale usage, it is a free service. For larger amounts of data, there is a small subscription charge.

You don't need to own a web site to put CastaForm to use, but if you do, you can integrate CastaForm seamlessly, either by using IFrames or through the CastaForm API.

Use CastaForm for:


Where to start

First, read the page Concepts. This will guide you through the basic building blocks of CastaForm.

The page Step by Step shows which steps are involved in creating you first event.

Then you might want to have a look at some sample data using the Guest Account. You can play around here, but changes are not saved.

Finally: Register for CastaForm, and start building your events, using one of the prefab templates.