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Generate API code

Use this page to test your code for our API (Application Programming Interface).

Unsure of what this is: check out the documentation page first, but basically what you do here, is writing a (MS)SQL SELECT query against your event to retrieve certain information from your event, which you can use in your website, like here, where we retrieve a random image from the event: CastaForm Pictures.

For more info about SQL SELECT queries, click here

Syntaxsql_query: a valid (MS)SQL select query on the table 'castaform'
Example: select top 5 {name},{city} from castaform
Note: in CastaForm, field names have to be placed between curly brackets

print_pattern: if omitted or empty, the output will be as a table and the rest of the parmeters will be ignored; else placeholders {*} are replaced by result fields.
Example: {*} ({*})<br>

lastrow_print_pattern: Optional, print pattern for the last row. If ommitted or empty, then the same pattern as the rest will be used
Example: and last but not least {*} ({*})<br>

before_ and after_html: Optional HTML to be included before or after the result.
Example: select distinct {country} from castaform|<li>{*}</li>||<ul>|</ul>

Test your query and print pattern(s)Available public fields:

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