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CastaForm Help: Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Register to CastaForm.

You only have to do this once and will take you less than a minute. You will receive an email with instructions how to confirm your registration (just click on the link and you are registered).

Step 2: Create event

Once you are registered, you can log in and you will be taken to the page 'My Events'. This page gives you an overview of your current account, and later on, will list any events you have created. To create an event is simple: Just pick from a drop-down list of templates. Just pick one, it really doesn't matter too much, because changing them to fit your needs is easy.
After creating your first event, the event shows up on the current page. Now you can start change and add fields, change colors and options.

Step 3: Customize form

a) Go to the page 'Form Editor' to add text and input controls to your form to suit your needs. Drag and drop them and set properties for a control, like the label. Detailed information about the form editor is here.

b) Optional: Change the colors of your event on the page 'Color Scheme. Be creative or just pick from a template or use one of your events as a template.

Step 4: Customize your event

Set the options for your event on the page 'Event Options'. This page lets you define who may see what, the name of the event and mail and layout options. Detailed information about the page 'Event Options can be found here .

Step 5: Generate a link

Generate a link (and QR code) to your event and send this link to your intended audience or post this link somewhere.

You can also generate code here to embed the event in your website using an iframe. Note that iframe use is only possible for paid accounts.

Advanced: Pull data from your event straight into your web page using the API.

When designing and testing the form and result, actions can be different depending on your login status. For example if you submit for a paid event and you are logged in, you will not be taken to the PayPal checkout page, nor do you have to confirm an email address. No emails will be send upon submission by yourself when logged in.
The easiest way to test things, is two have two browsers open which do not share the same session, and be logged in on one, and logged out on the other.